UpMInd Ticketing and reservation system

Create your own Events with custom upmind TRS tickets

The latest web based ticketing and booking solution for all your events, courses, exhibitions, shows and gatherings. Harness the power of UpMind TRS to gain the real-time reports (booking and attendances) as well as secure payments, integrated data services and attendee registration details.

Event Creation

  • Create your own Events with custom UpMind TRS tickets.
  • No new software required.
  • Events can be set up for any location and any time period, with multiple classes of tickets, all at no additional cost.
  • Tailor your Event using your own graphic art
  • All controlled through the simple and intuitive UpMind dashboard


  • A simple yet feature-rich environment that give you control over all aspects of your Ticketing, including price, maximum ticket quantity (both total and individual order), entry, event location, ticket classes, and many more features Unlimited ticket classes from simple single-class Event Ticketing to multi-day, multi-class offerings that allow you to design a system matching your specific needs.
  • Image upload for tickets
  • Automatic Event Map location Image (Google Maps recognised address required)
  • Marquee, VIP and special group ticket classes.
  • Multiple promotional code facility allows you to apply different promotion codes to different ticket classes.

Door Sentry

  • Ability to select, authorise and remove door sentry staff all from your dashboard and in real time meaning you have full control over which staff have Door Sentry authority and at which events.
  • iOS and Android mobile phone app means you don't need special scanners or ticket booths at Event entry points.
  • Door Sentry data is collated and reported in real time to your UpMind TRS dashboard.

Ticketing Data Reporting and Analytics

  • Real-time sales data for each ticket class
  • Real-time Door Sentry data (allows you to see how many tickets have entered, as tickets are scanned by the Door Sentry)
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