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We have a team of passionate directors, talented crew of designers, scriptwriters, illustrators, animators and high-skilled technical professionals who can create stunning 2D Animation, eBook for all platforms and eBook reader application. Our services are made after long research and brainstorming which aims to ensure it fits exactly into the budget and timeframe, using the best of creative talents and advanced technology.


2D animation is getting extremely popular because of its versatility, massive reach, and cost-effectiveness. This eye-catchy method of communication can be applied from children books to corporate presentation and extended to marketing strategies.

As most of us think that animation is just about designing characters and that can move up and down, left, and right and moves on screen. But in reality 2D animation is creating movement in a two-dimensional artistic space. it is much more different and difficult since it requires extensive years of practice and experience. Important of all, it needs specialization in specific skills such character designing, imaginative storyboards, creative backgrounds, gesture concepts in two-dimensional atmospheres. Bitmap, Vector graphics along with software such as Adobe Photoshop, Animate CC, Flash and After Effects… are used to design, edit and create the lively animated outputs.

There is nothing like giving personal care and attention to every single customer. Rise above the conventional channel and talk to our “Visual Engineers” on enhancing customer experience.


An in-house developed transformation workflow enables quick, inexpensive and highly accurate digital outputs, that enhance you content more interesting with animation, interactivity and voice support. Our platform supports text, image and any electronic file format for input and supports a multitude of output formats such as reflowable e-Pub, Fixed-Layout e-Pub, Hybrid eBook, Accessible PDF, HTML Flipbook and various mobile device formats etc. A team of networked freelance translators also allows us to provide proofing & translational services for Children, Trade, Educational & Professional content. We support various languages, which include English, Russian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic, German, Hindi and Tamil.

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