UpMind Asset Management and Tracking

The UpMind Asset solution applies to a range of complex business needs allowing you to manage, track, organise, allocate and maintain all different types of corporate resources.

The UpMind Asset product is designed around asset management with mobile functionality. Assets range from real property such as theatres (performance and operating), ballrooms and storage facilities to plant and equipment such as laptops, keys, projectors, surgical trays and other equipment.

UpMind Asset is a cloud-based mobile solution meaning that application is ubiquitous across multiple platforms and does not require expensive software installations. Further you can manage, track, report and obtain financial information on your complete suite of corporate resources within UpMind Asset from any internet connected portal.

Booking and Tracking

Two main components of UpMind Asset are the booking facility and the tracking facility. Booking allows assets to be set up with defining “characteristics” that can then be booked for periods of time.

Tracking allows certain assets within your organisation to be tracked for compliance and quality. For instance, within a central sterile services department (CSSD) the tracking of surgical trays is essential to providing an optimal patient health outcome as well as creating a financially operationally efficient model of stock control.

Hospitals and Health Care

The CSSD suite of service solutions via UpMind Asset apply to a range of complex business needs within a healthcare setting. Total asset management from wheelchairs to observation machines to theatre equipment. Full CSSD tray tracking and management software and integrated patient tracking and patient information is available using the UpMind Asset product.

Civil Projects

UpMind Asset creates facility for pre and post dilapidation reports, condition reports, booking entity identification, asset control, service reports, maintenance schedules and can be tailored to reflect specific characteristics of unique business assets to give you the flexibility and reporting that you require to properly manage your capital stock.

IT and Infrastructure Services

UpMind Asset is not limited to a single class of assets and can be used to check out/in various employer provided supplies such as keys, laptops, projectors, AV equipment as well as a range of other company chattels. This will assist you to manage all company resources in an effective, financially prudent manner including, replacing and renewing equipment when required, warranty cards and arrange upgrades, particularly where assets are offsite or not available online. A primary benefit is that you can assign company assets to employees and trace them.

Is your asset register complete, up to date and organised?

Showroom / Display

With the advance UpMind optical coding system, your products are on display for customers to walk through, experience, test drive or price compare. Use UpMind technology to exchange details with potential customers, take them on virtual tours, allow to them purchase ‘add ons’ or simply confirm their details before allowing them to take your asset for a test drive. Want to stay ahead of the curve, ask us about Augmented Reality!

UpMind is infinitely scalable, our tech is available from the largest organisations to the smallest. We love a challenge, if you have a problem challenge us to solve it. Our team of IT, process, law and business experts will pragmatically work with you to understand the problem and design a bespoke solution tailored to your circumstances.

A Quick History

QR Codes Were Created For Inventory Management

Toyota’s subsidiary, Denso invented a 2D graphical code system called Quick Response, or QR code system. It was designed to allow high-speed component scanning during the manufacturing process.

QR codes were mare adaptable than barcodes because of their capacity to hold more information.

Using proprietary codes from UpMind has so many more benefits that just information storage on a piece of code. Managing your assets and their location is a given. What about linking your assets to their maintenance schedule? How about images of the asset the last time your tech serviced it? What about linking your asset to standard operating procedures, previous usage, user history, compliance reporting. The UpMind asset and tracking system provides many business opportunities including reduced finance costs, better stock control, improved contract management and quality control, increased regulatory compliance and reporting and, of course, vastly improved customer and patient experience.