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What we do:
We help you identify products and services that are relevant to you.
We provide a forum for you to connect with businesses that offer products and services that interest you.
We reduce the hassle of dealing with multiple layers of sales teams to obtain the products and services that you want.
What we don’t do:
We don’t sell your information to outside parties. Your information stays with us and is only released to the businesses that you have actively identified using the UpMind app.
We don’t charge you and never will.
Get the app:
The UpMind app lets you choose who you want to receive marketing and sales information from.

How it Works
Create a “Campaign” in 2 easy steps.
Simply download the UpMind app from the Google Play Store or Apple iTunes.
Display the Campaign QR Code.
Provide your basic contact details (remember, we will never provide your contact details to anyone except those businesses that YOU identify as important to YOU).
Customers scan the Campaign
Scan an UpMind Code of a product, service or business that interests you (TIP: UpMind Codes will have this image in the Code).
Customers identified to your Business
Once the Code is scanned using the UpMind app, you can contact that business directly from your UpMind app. Your details are also forwarded to that business so that they can follow up with your query. They cannot use your contact details for any other unrelated purpose.